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General Questions About Wired Network for Students

This article applies to: Wired Network: Students

Is wired network service available over the summer?

Yes, wired network service is available over the summer, but it follows the same activation process if you are located in an un-bundled location.

Why do un-bundled locations pay a monthly fee for using the wired network service?

In the case of fraternities, sororities, and co-ops (un-bundled locations) many of these residences served by Cornell's wired network service are not owned by the University. There are currently no provisions in place for recovering the wired network costs as part of a housing fee today.

Is wired network service for RHDs, Faculty-in-Residence, or RAs considered bundled?

Yes, wired network service is the same for RHDs, Faculty-in-Residence, or RAs living in bundled locations as it is for students.

How is wired network service different at the Maplewood Park Apartments?

Maplewood is connected to the campus network by fiber optic cables. Use of fiber optic cables does mean that subscribers will need a media converter in order to connect the fiber optic jack to a traditional Ethernet card. Media converters are included as part of room inventory and must be left in the room when you leave. Residents will be billed a replacement cost for any missing or damaged media converters or power supplies.

For instructions on Getting Connected at Cornell, visit:

Is there an extra charge for Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity?

No. However, being able to transfer more data faster, means that you will be able to surpass the NUBB billing threshold for combined wired and RedRover Wi-Fi usage more quickly. This makes it easier to accumulate network usage-based billing charges. Be sure to monitor your NUBB usage to make sure you aren't generating more network usage than you planned to. For more information, see the NUBB page.

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