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Regarding Your Request for Account Closure

This phish typically originates from a non-Cornell address. The sender may appear as "Service Request | Account Deletion <[user]>" or may use other .shop or .online domains. Do not contact the phone number within the email nor reply to the sender. The scammer's goal is typically to coerce the victim into granting remote access to their computer.

Request Id:ADR2009592

Dear [Name],

This is an Auto-Generated Email sent from a non-monitored email address. Do not reply to this Email however you may need to perform action as requested in the Ticket.

Here at, We value your never-ending trust in our services.

Regarding your Email-Service Deletion request, a ticket has been created and will take up to 72 Business Hours to complete this request.

Request raised on Wednesday, 24 April 2024 using “Dell Inspiron” from Ciadud de Mexico, based on your IP ([Fake IP]).

This request will be executed only after 72 Business Hours as this is categorized as unusual since it came from an international location,

To report this as an issue with your account and to stop service deletion, call support helpline at 1-###-###-####

Simply ignore this e-mail if you want your account to be deleted and request will be Auto-Completed by Server.

We Strongly Recommend you to take necessary backups of all your Contacts, e-mails, and documents as no data can be recovered once account is deleted.

Assuring you of our best service at all times.

Account Support Team


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