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Phish Bowl

Use this list to see some phishing (fake) emails that have been spotted at Cornell.

Below you'll find some examples of phishing email seen on campus. We worked to remove any malicious content within the messages, but recommend against interacting with any links or email addresses in the examples. If you get a suspicious email but don't see it listed here, DO NOT assume it is safe. There are many variants of every phish, and new ones are sent each day. When in doubt, consult with your IT support staff or the IT Service Desk. You may also want to check the list of Verified Cornell Communications.

Report suspected phishing attempts to the IT Security Office. Forward the entire text of the message and email headers to

Warning: Do not explore the links or email addresses in the phishing emails listed here. We work to sanitize these examples, but please do not investigate them further on your own.
Still not sure? See more ways to spot fraudulent emails.

Search by title
Service support October 31, 2017
Service support October 31, 2017
Request closed October 27, 2017
Scheduled Network Maintenance October 26, 2017
You have a Google Drive Sheet from the Registrar October 25, 2017
E-mail confirmation October 24, 2017
Reminder Notice October 24, 2017
Account Suspended! October 24, 2017
Your account [account name] will be terminated within 48hrs October 18, 2017
Account Suspended! October 17, 2017
v'ali'date.....<[Name redacted]> October 12, 2017
Earn 11k daily.Automatic cash flow October 11, 2017
Job number 81576- ITS CLOSURE October 11, 2017
Email De-Activation for [netID email address] October 9, 2017
Very Urgent! October 9, 2017
Your email have exceeded its storage limit October 9, 2017
Anti October 5, 2017
You Have 1 New Message October 5, 2017
Email Update! October 3, 2017
validate October 1, 2017


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