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Phish Bowl

Use this list to see some phishing (fake) emails that have been spotted at Cornell.

Below you'll find some examples of phishing emails seen on campus. If you get a suspicious email but don't see it listed here, Do NOT assume it is safe. There are many variants of every phish, and new ones are sent each day. When in doubt, consult with your IT support staff or the IT Service Desk. You may also want to check the list of verified Cornell communications.

Report suspected phishes to the IT Security Office. Forward the entire text of the message and email headers to

Warning: Do not explore the links or email addresses in the phishing emails listed here. These are real examples.
Still not sure? See more ways to spot fraudulent emails.

Search by title
Mail Team! July 5, 2017
OFFICE 365 UPDATE July 4, 2017
Notice Of Email Service Suspension July 4, 2017
New Notification Message July 4, 2017
Office365 termination July 4, 2017
Security Support! July 3, 2017
Office & School Verification July 3, 2017
Invalid login attempts July 2, 2017
Important Cornell Campus Information July 2, 2017
IT HELP DESK June 30, 2017
Update! [or @INFO] June 29, 2017
Mailbox disabled June 29, 2017
Update June 29, 2017
Something went wrong June 27, 2017
Office & Work [or School] Verification June 27, 2017
Re: invoice [various numbers] problem June 27, 2017
Meeting Notification June 27, 2017
Warning: Bandwidth Exceeded ! June 23, 2017
Account Shutdown June 23, 2017
UPDATE : June 23, 2017


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