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PCard Receipt Processing

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PCard Receipt Processing is a system used by Cornell's FTC (Financial Transaction Center) / BSC (Business Service Center) teams around campus for validating appropriate supporting documentation and policy compliance for bank-reported procurement card (PCard) transactions.

Receipts are matched with KFS PCard - Procurement System Document (PCDO) records. The ImageNow system manages electronic receipts images, auto-matching and attaching with KFS where possible, and manages the process of manually matching the rest.

Other considerations and outcomes include the need to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the volume of paper forms and receipts.
  • Reduce the number of receipt images to one image-of-record.
  • Streamline the entire process.
  • Leverage automation where possible.
  • Reduce person effort overall, particularly that involved in the manual process.


There are three different roles in this process.

Cardholder: The end user who makes the purchase using a PCard and is responsible for providing a business purpose, account information and receipt for all PCard transactions.

PCard Coordinators/Processors: The procurement card (PCard) coordinator is an individual within a financial transaction center or business service center who reviews PCard transactions and processes those transactions using the ImageNow and the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

PCard Power Users: Individuals who have the security in ImageNow to do everything that a PCard Coordinator can do plus routing to another BSC and deleting documents.

Support Contact:

Cornell IT Service Desk

Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (Eastern Time)
Emergency Service Disruptions: After Hours Support


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