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Start Your Pantheon Hosting Project

This article applies to: Pantheon Hosting

On the Pantheon site, register for a free Pantheon developer account.

We suggest you use your "" email address when creating your account.

Once you've created a site (does not have to be finished), you can submit a ticket to Custom Development to request your site be added to the "Cornell University: Cornell Information Technologies" Organization. This will give you access to discounted rates for all levels of the service. 

How to "Go Live" with a custom domain (using or other .org, .net, etc.)

When you've completed your site build and you're ready to launch your site with a domain or other custom domain (other than the domain), you'll need to set up billing for the site. Be advised CIT Hosting requires seven (7) days to complete the billing and SSL process.

  1. From the Pantheon dashboard for your site, click Upgrade at the top of the Dashboard (a yellow button between the Name of your site and the Organization).  This takes you to a form you'll need to fill out.
  2. Once the form is submitted, CIT Hosting will validate your account and configure your site with the selected level.
  3. CIT Hosting will contact you once the service level is set on your site.  Now, you can log into the Pantheon site dashboard, go to the Live environment tab, click Domains/HTTPS in the left hand menu, and Connect your production domains to your new site. The SSL Certificate will be deployed once your domains are configured. This could take up to an hour, or may require a configuration file on existing site to confirm domain.
  4. It is your responsibility to schedule the DNS updates/changes for your site to go live. Do this through your NetAdmin or through

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