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Business Intelligence Details

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the analysis of an organizations raw data, including analysis and data modeling; querying; and the implementation of reports and dashboards. The Business intelligence team works closely with the data warehouse team to provide integrated solutions that are accurate and highly available.

ODAA supports two business intelligence tools centrally – OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) and Tableau. In general, OBIEE dashboards and reports are prepared by ODAA and Tableau reports are prepared by colleges and units. However, ODAA prepares some Tableau reports and colleges and units, with available training, prepare some OBIEE reports. For new requirements, the ODAA team will work with the customer to determine the best BI solution to meet their specific needs.

Dimensional Data Modeling: The ODAA team will work with your organization to build data models that effectively answer your questions. The team can help analyze systems, reports and other artifacts to produce a sustainable and robust solution. Modern transactional systems often have large data tables and complex relationships between the data. Dimensional data modeling reduces this complexity to simpler data structures that reflect the business process while also being easier for business users to interact with via modern business intelligence tools. In addition to being more comprehensible for query interaction, these structures are more flexible in answering a wide variety of questions pertaining to the business process that was modeled.

Reports and Dashboards: The ODAA team is capable of providing a range of services from building the entire reporting solution to mentoring local developers to be self-sufficient. Modern business intelligence tools are capable of presenting information in many different formats including visualizations, tabular, highly structured, and many more. The tools facilitate and empower developers in creating dashboards that allow business users to self-serve information and reports. The report and dashboard team will often work with the data modeling team to produce an optimal solution when there is no current data model.

OBIEE User Group: An OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) User Group was recently formed, bringing together staff from ODAA’s BI Team with OBIEE Analysis and Dashboard developers from many campus units. The goal of the group is to share reporting solutions being used on campus, foster utilization of the OBIEE reporting infrastructure, and provide opportunities for knowledge transfer to distributed users. The group plans to meet every month.  A steering committee of 5 members has been formed to determine the agenda for each meeting and what information is to be shared. Currently over 50 users have joined the group, including one staff member from Ithaca College.

Anyone currently using the OBIEE tool or interested in using the OBIEE tool is welcome to join the group by sending an email to

A listserv, OBIEE-FORUM-L, has been created to aid in communications.

More detailed information on the OBIEE User Group (Confluence login required).

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