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On February 19, 2024, quotas will be added to Cornell Box and Microsoft storage accounts. The quotas will be set above current usage for all accounts, as was done when quotas were added to Google accounts in 2022.

  • More than 90% of individual accounts contain less than 20 Gigabytes (GB). For these, the quota will be set at 25 GB.
  • For accounts larger than that, the quota will be set above current use to provide room to continue to work with some space for moderate growth.
  • More space may be requested when needed for Cornell education, research, or business.

An email will be sent to account holders the week of February 12, 2024, letting them know they will soon see the quotas in their account. Links will be provided to guidance on managing storage and how to request more space if needed.

Box departmental (group-owned) folders and Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites will have a default quota of 50 GB, or above their current storage if storage is already above 50 GB. Communications will be sent to individuals responsible for the accounts. More space may also be requested for these accounts, if needed.

Account holders will be encouraged to continue using Box, Microsoft, and other Cornell cloud storage tools as needed to support their work. These steps are being taken because unlimited storage tends to only accumulate and compound over time. Users have indicated that when there are no limits to storage, they do not ever review the contents of their account to remove anything that no longer needs to be in the cloud. Cornell's Strategic Storage Initiative is taking steps like this to ensure that storage is supporting the needs of the university in a financially sustainable manner. For more information, see theĀ Strategic Storage Initiative website.



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