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The Future of Connected Devices

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Cybersecurity affects daily life for all of us. Technological innovations such as 5G networks shape our online experience (e.g., faster speeds and data transmission, a larger attack surface for hackers). Moving forward, people and infrastructure must adapt to a changing world. No matter what the future holds, stay empowered to protect your digital life. Learn more about the future of security for connected devices.

Remember: If you connect it, protect it. Do your part. #BeCyberSmart.

Why It's Important

  • Internet-connected devices provide a level of convenience in our lives, but they require that we share more information than ever.
  • The security of your information and devices (e.g., fitness trackers, appliances, home automation) is not always guaranteed. Once you connect to the Internet, you and your devices are potentially vulnerable to all sorts of risks.

Facts and Figures

  • An emerging digital infrastructure ecosystem will underlay all IT and business automation initiatives by 2023. (IDC)

  • 70 percent of light-duty vehicles and trucks will be connected to the Internet by 2023. (Statista)

  • 5G coverage is forecast to reach 45 percent of the world’s population by the end of 2024. (Ericsson)

  • The IoT devices market is anticipated to reach nearly $1.5 billion by 2027. (Fortune Business Insights)

  • 125 billion Internet-connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2030. (IHS Markit)

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