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About IP Voice Service Equipment

This article applies to: IP Voice Service

IP Voice service offers multi-line service and a wide range of basic and advanced telephone features and options that come either standard or available upon request.


IP Set Model 4610sw with 12 buttons and Call Display

IP Voice

More information.

IP Set Model 4620sw with 24 buttons and Call Display

IP Voice

More information.

Expansion Module EU24 with 24 buttons 

IP Voice

For use with 4620 only

Phone Features:

Instructions on how to use the below features may be found in the How To section.

Standard Features

  • Built-in Speaker
  • Autodials (Default)
  • AUDIX Message Waiting Light
  • Personalized Ring
  • Volume Control

Standard Buttons

  • Mute
  • Conference
  • Transfer
  • Hold

Additional Features / Buttons

  • Call Pickup Group
  • Coverage Path
  • Send All Calls
  • Directory
  • Busy Light
  • Stored Number

Additional Features no Button Needed

  • Call Pickup (after in an assigned group)
  • Last Number Dialed
  • Send All Calls (after coverage path is assigned) 
  • Call Forwarding for Busy/No Answer
  • Call Forwarding for All Calls
  • Priority Calls
  • Automatic Call Back
  • Speed Dialing via Access List
  • Call Park

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