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High Risk Travel Loaner Program


Stay secure while you travel

The High Risk Travel Loaner Program is in its pilot phase. 

Learn more on how to stay safe and secure when you travel internationally.

Taking your laptop or mobile device when you travel significantly increases the possibility of data and identity theft. If you are traveling to high-risk countries or countries with technological restrictions, a free travel loaner system will make travel easy while helping secure your data.

The High Risk Travel Loaner Program is currently undergoing a pilot phase and will only being open to faculty and executive staff during the pilot.

The High Risk Travel Loaner Program helps to ensure that staff will have the applications and information they need while minimizing the amount of sensitive data that is carried abroad.

Through the program you can request:

  • MacBook
  • Surface Pro
  • iPad Pro with keyboard case
  • AT&T iPhone
  • AT&T hotspot device
  • Verizon hot spot device

This service is provided free-of-charge, however, you and your department are responsible for any damage or loss, including cables and peripherals. Please submit a ticket for our High Risk Travel Program and we'll work with you to meet the needs of your trip. 

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