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Remove Yourself From a Shared File or Folder in Google Drive

This article applies to: File Storage at Cornell

  1. Sign into your Cornell Google Workspace.
  2. Click Google Apps (the nine-dot icon in the toolbar), then select Drive.
  3. Click Shared with me in the left navigation column.
  4. Click More actions (the three-dot icon) to the right of the item, select Share, and click Share. (If you click Remove from this menu instead, the file will only be removed from your view. You will still have access to it.) 
  5. Under People with access, click the permission level dropdown next to your name (It may display Editor, Viewer, or Commenter), then select Remove access.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Yes if prompted to confirm your removal.
  8. Click Ok.

Remove Yourself From Multiple Files or Folders

  1. Select one file, then ctrl-click (Mac: cmd-click) additional files.
  2. Click More actions (the three-dot icon) in the ribbon beneath Shared with me, select Share, then click Share.
  3. Continue with steps 5 through 8 above. 
If you own the file or folder, or if the item has been shared with "Cornell" or some other institutional group, you will not be able to remove yourself.


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