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Reporting and Business Intelligence

This article applies to: Enterprise Data Services

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Reporting and business intelligence (BI) solutions provide ways to analyze an organization's raw data, including analysis and data modeling; querying; and the implementation of reports and dashboards. The Enterprise Data Services team provides integrated solutions that are accurate and highly available.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools

Two high-end reporting and business intelligence tools are offered centrally at Cornell:

Typically, Tableau reports are prepared by colleges and units. OBIEE dashboards and reports are prepared by the Enterprise Data Services team. However, there are some exceptions in either direction, and training is available for colleges and units who would like to work with OBIEE.

For new requirements, please contact the Enterprise Data Services team, who will assist you in determining the best solution to meet your specific needs.

Dimensional Data Modeling 

Modern transactional systems often have large data tables and complex relationships among the data. Dimensional data modeling reduces this complexity to simpler data structures that reflect a particular business process, while also making it easier for users to interact with the data. In addition to being more comprehensible for query interaction, these structures are more flexible in answering a wide variety of questions pertaining to the business process that was modeled. 

The Enterprise Data Services team can help analyze your systems, reports and other artifacts to produce a sustainable and robust solution that effectively answer your questions. 

Reports and Dashboards

Modern business intelligence tools can present information in many different formats, including visualizations, tabular, highly structured, and many more. With so many options for dashboard and report configurations, it can be challenging to figure out the best views for your particular needs. 

The Enterprise Data Services team can help, whether you need direction on the entire reporting solution or as-needed mentoring or guidance for your developers. Data modeling can be provided in cases where there is no current data model.


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