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Make Changes to a Subnet

This article applies to: DNS

Once you are assigned as NetAdmin to a subnet, using the DNS database, you can:

  • Make changes to the NetAdmin comment field.
  • Specify contact lists or escalation paths for other NetAdmins and CIT to use in an emergency.

 If you want to make other changes, send an email to

Update a Subnet in the DNS Database

  1. Connect to the Subnet list in the DNS database. Subnets for which you are listed as a NetAdmin are shown at the top, followed by a longer list of all the subnets in the database. (You can inspect any subnet, but can only modify the ones for which you are the NetAdmin.)
  2. Select the subnet you want to inspect or modify, and then click the nearest Inspect/Modify button. (These buttons are spaced throughout the list.)
  3. If you see a Security Information box, click Continue.
  4. A new window opens, displaying the database information you requested.
    • For your own subnets, you can add or remove names in the list of NetAdmins or the list of e-mail addresses to be notified when changes are made to the subnet. You can also specify contact lists or escalation paths for other NetAdmins and CIT to use in an emergency and add or edit the comment for users (usually contact information for users on your subnet).
    • For all other subnets, you can view the Netadmin contact information.
  5. When you are finished, close the browser window. Your changes will be saved.


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