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Make Changes to a Host

This article applies to: DNS

You must be a netAdmin for both the domain and the subnet before you can make changes to a host. You can be added as a netadmin by another netadmin for that domain and subnet.

Using the DNS database, you can:

  • Create a new record by assigning a host name (for example, to an IP address (for example,
  • Add or delete host-level mail exchange (MX) records.
  • Make changes to the NetAdmin comment field.
  • Specify contact lists or escalation paths for other NetAdmins and support to use in an emergency.

 If you want to make other changes, send an email to

For wireless access points, you should fill in the two required fields: location (format: building floor n room nnn) and SSID.

Note: Mail exchange (MX) records are handled on either the domain level or the host level. If you add an MX record at the domain level it is added to every host in that domain. If you add an MX record to a host, it only pertains to that host. For information about updating a domain in the DNS database, see How to Make Changes to a Domain.

Update a Host in the DNS Database

  1. Connect to the Host list in the DNS database.
    Hosts for which you are listed as a NetAdmin are shown at the top. (To see all of the hosts, click the See the rest of the hosts list button. You can inspect any host, but can only modify the ones for which you are the NetAdmin.)
  2. Select the subnet for the host you want to inspect or modify, and then click the nearest Inspect/Modify button. (These buttons are spaced throughout the list.)
  3. If you see a Security Information box, click Continue.
  4. A list of all the hosts on the subnet is displayed.
    • To create a new host, at the top of the screen in the New Hostname IP Address box, enter the full domain name and address for the hostname you're creating, for example Click Create This Host.
      The bottom 10 IP addresses in a subnet are usually reserved for the network engineers to put routers, bridges, and concentrators. If your subnets have hosts in that range, you can ask that the "lowest usable address" field be modified to suit your needs.
    • To inspect or modify information for a particular host, select the host, and then click the nearest Inspect/Modify button.
  5. A new window opens, displaying the database information you requested.
    • For your own hosts, you can add or delete host-level MX records and the NetID of the person using this host. For wireless access points, in the Auxiliary Info section, fill in the two required fields: location (format: building floor n room nnn) and SSID.
    • For all other hosts, you can view the Netadmin contact information.
  6. When you are finished, close the browser window. Your changes will be saved.

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