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Desktop Everywhere

Remote Connections for Greater Productivity

Connect to a Windows desktop environment via the Internet, from anywhere, on any device, to use available software for your work.

The Desktop Everywhere service will be retired effective June 1, 2019. After this date it will no longer be possible to log in to the Desktop Everywhere environment. If your Cornell responsibilities require use of a virtual desktop environment, CIT will work with you to identify an alternative solution.  

Your data stored in the Desktop Everywhere environment will NOT be deleted. If you have concerns about migrating your data, please contact CIT at

Desktop Everywhere is a cost-effective Windows environment with software and storage that make working on the go possible for anyone, or to provide an alternative to buying and maintaining a traditional computer. 

Case Studies


Some ways you might use Desktop Everywhere:

  • You are a faculty member who would like to log into a full computer desktop environment using only your iPad while at conferences or traveling.
  • You are tech support staff who would like to use Desktop Everywhere with a thin client to replace staff computers in your department.
  • You are a student who wants to use lab software, such as Minitab, without traveling to a public computer lab. Desktop Everywhere allows you to sign in and use a lab desktop wherever your are on your computer, tablet, or other mobile device.
NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of scenarios when you might use Desktop Everywhere.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

See the Regulated Data Chart for Cornell policy considerations for this service.

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Desktop EverywhereComputer LabsEndpoint Management Tools
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Desktop EverywhereComputer LabsEndpoint Management Tools
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