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CUView and Content Aging

Content aging allows the system to automatically remove obsolete and unused content from the system after a certain length of time.

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

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CUView administrators have established a policy that unallocated content—that is, item which are not being used in any of your Appspace channels—which was uploaded more than 60 days before a given date will be removed from the system. Content that is allocated (in use) in any channel will not be removed from libraries or playlists.

What Is Content Aging?

Content aging allows the system to automatically remove content that has been sitting unused in your Appspace library for more than a certain length of time.

Beside reducing overall clutter in units’ library folders, having content "age out" after a certain length of time also keeps the entire Cornell Appspace platform to a reasonable size. Under the current licensing terms, our total site storage has a cap of 250GB. Our goal is to establish best practices for content management early in users' Appspace experience and to help system administrators reduce content clutter overall—while also allowing generous lead time for users to manage unallocated content before it ages out.

Reviewing Your Content

Wondering how to tell how old your content is, and whether it is allocated to a channel or not?

Use the filters and sorting tools provided by Appspace in your content library to identify content that might be at particular risk of aging out. 

  1. From the Appspace dashboard, click Library in the left-side menu, or click Go to Library in the Content pane.
  2. Click Libraries to expand the list of folders in use by your unit. Select the name of a folder whose content you want to examine.
  3. Click Filters to expand the selection of content filter criteria. Dropdown lists allow you only to display items in your library of a particular media Type, Usage status, Age, or Expire by date.

    Appspace library showing filters and list view icon  
  4. To show only content not currently assigned to a channel, from the Usage dropdown, select Not Allocated.
  5. Click the List View icon at the top right to display your selected content as a list, then click the Upload Date header to sort content by the date the item was uploaded to Appspace.

    Appspace library in list view showing unallocated media
  6. Any unallocated items now being displayed will be removed from the system 60 days after the date shown in the Upload Date column. Consider downloading and archiving them locally, if you do not already have local copies of the media.
Notice that unallocated items show a dash in the Usage Tags column (instead of a number that tells how many times the item is used in your channels). This can help you quickly spot unallocated items when you have not used the Usage filter to limit your library view.


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