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CU Print Fees and Billing

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Last updated: September 10, 2020

Documents will print duplex (two-sided) by default. You can choose to print one-sided on any job, but you'll be using more paper and you will be charged the same amount. Cost is determined by the number of pages in your document, not the number of pieces of paper used. For example:

  • A three-page document printed black and white, two-sided will cost 18 cents (6 cents for each page) and use two pieces of paper.
  • That same three-page document printed black and white but one-sided will still cost 18 cents and use three pieces of paper.

About the Annual Print Allocation for Students

Each matriculated student will receive an annual printing allocation of $15.00, which covers more than 200 pages of free printing. This amount will be renewed at the start of the Fall semester in August each year. Once you have used your allocation, printing will be charged to your Bursar account. This will happen automatically; you do not need to sign up for Bursar billing. Some colleges may add to the standard allocation. These allocations will appear in your CU Print account.

The student allowance was selected by reviewing printer usage for two semesters (Fall 2018–Spring 2019) and calculating the median print use for all students. The student print allocation will cover printing costs for students printing up to this median amount. The student printing allowance is reset each year at the start of the Fall semester.

Credit Card processing will be added to CU Print in the future for more flexible payment options.

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