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Cornell Red Cloud

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The Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) delivers Red Cloud research computing services to the Cornell community and other institutions. Red Cloud was specifically designed for research and provides features not readily available in public clouds:

  • Red Cloud CPU cores and RAM are not oversubscribed. There’s an Intel processor core is behind each core on the virtual server for fast and consistent performance
  • Red Cloud has an AWS-compatible API enabling users to seamlessly scale to AWS if their research application outgrows Red Cloud capacity
  • CAC consulting staff are available to help your research team get started in the cloud, including building your virtual machine image so you can quickly focus on your research rather than cloud system and software issues.

Besides offering subscriptions to the general Red cloud research computing service, CAC designs and deploys private clouds that require custom features. For example, a private cloud called Red Cloud Secure is operating in Ithaca and at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC to facilitate research that requires secure HIPAA data.

Learn more about Red Cloud services.

CAC and its university partners also operate the Aristotle Cloud Federation, an NSF-funded cloud for large scale data. Cornell researchers from Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, and Molecular Biology & Genetics are participating in the Aristotle project as use case scientists

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