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Commercial Providers for Conference Calls

This article applies to: Conference Calling

The following companies offer On-Demand and Operator Assisted Conference Services to meet your conferencing needs. 



PGi (Premier Global)




Verizon Business*


*Service is subject to NYS Contract Pricing

Departmental Considerations

When contacting the above service providers, the following questions might be helpful:

  • How does billing work?
    • Directly billed to the department?
    • Per minute rate for incoming callers?
    • Set-up fee and monthly recurring charges?
  • How many days/weeks/months should this account be established for before using?
  • How many parties can the Conference Bridge accommodate?
  • Does the service provide toll free access?
  • Does the service provide a local 607 number?
  • Will my account be canceled if there is not activity on the bridge for a period of time?
  • How does the bridge handle international calls?

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