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Web/Video Conference Problem: Audio Echoes

This article applies to: Zoom

User Experience

Echoing is heard in the conference.

How to Solve this Problem

Echoing is generally caused by a participant in the teleconference on a speakerphone creating an audio feedback loop. The mic on the speakerphone is picking up the teleconference and rebroadcasting it.

To attempt to fix this issue, 

  1. Mute all lines in the teleconference.
  2. Unmute the active speakers. If the issue persists and the active speakers are not on a speakerphone, contact technical support for the service you are using.
  3. If the issue does not reoccur when the active speakers are unmuted, begin unmuting attendees to determine which attendee is the cause of the audio feedback loop.
  4. If you are able to isolate an individual attendee as the cause, ask the attendee to manually mute their speakerphone, cease using the speakerphone option, or leave the attendee muted in the teleconference.

Also, for conferences using VoIP that have more than two people, using headphones can help prevent echo.


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