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General Audio Recommendations

This article applies to: Zoom

When possible, use a wired network connection, rather than a Wi-Fi connection. This will generally provide a more consistent and better quality network connection.

During the web conference, don't run any network-intensive applications on your computer, such as Internet radio or streaming video, or run significant uploads or downloads that might compete with your Zoom audio.

If you are on a slow connection or a home network and the option to call in is available, consider using your phone to join the session instead of your computer's audio.

When using your computer for audio, connect any external audio devices such as a USB microphone or external speakers before you start your WebEx session. If you connect devices after the Zoom application has already loaded, Zoom may not be able to detect them.

If you experience audio problems, resources are available to help. SeeĀ Reporting Audio Problems.

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Monday, March 15, 2021 - 12:40pm

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