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Dropped Phone Connection When WiFi is Disrupted

This article applies to: Zoom

When your WiFi connection is inconsistent during a Zoom meeting—for example, if you are traveling—consider joining the audio portion of the meeting via your phone. If you lose network connectivity on your laptop, you can stay connected to meeting audio from your phone.

If you connect via your phone for the audio portion of the meeting, avoid connecting to the audio via the web interface, which will likely create an audio feedback loop. 

If you enter your participant ID as indicated in the below instructions, you will be disconnected from the phone audio if your laptop loses network connectivity. Instead, simply do not enter a participant ID. This way your video will not be tied to your audio connection. 

Instructions on how to join a meeting from your phone can be found at the vendor documentation page, Joining a Zoom meeting by phone.

This method should only be used when network connectivity is a concern. 


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