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Subnets: Request, Change, Deprovision

For network admins or TSPs who need to add, change, or deprovision subnets.

This article applies to: Wired Network

The network administrator or designated IT/technical support staff member for a college, unit, or department can submit a request to add, change, or deprovision subnets.

Request a Subnet

The network administrator or designated IT/technical support staff member for a college, unit, or department can submit a request using the network request form for a New Network Request.

The form includes the details below. If you have any questions about these details, please email before filling out the form.

  • DNSDB Unit – Pick the unit this network will belong to
  • DNSDB NetAdmin – Specify the Network Administrator who while manage this network
  • Building Location – Specify the building location this network will exist in
  • Subnet Size – Specify the size of this network (if needed)
  • Network Routable Type – Specify the type of network (if needed)
  • DHCP Settings – Specify the type of DHCP scope applied to the network (if needed)
  • Managed Firewall (MFW) – Specify if the network should traverse the MFW (if needed)
  • Managed Firewall (MFW) ADOM – Specify the ADOM of the MFW (if needed)
  • Special Network Requirements – Specify the type of network for the request:
    • Department – General staff usage network
    • Departmental NAT – General staff usage network with campus-only routable addressing ( with shadow) that can reach out to the internet after a NAT
    • Access Network - Networks designed for public access with open jacks or kiosks based on individual buildings. These networks restricted to outgoing desktop access only and using campus-only routable addressing ( with shadow). Machines are registered by individual users using CITDHCP and self-registration (CIT Owned)
    • VoIP – Voice networks based on individual buildings with campus-only routable addressing ( to support Avaya and RingCentral (CIT Owned)
    • Private VLAN – Network with no subnet/routing, that is for use with customer equipment. May go through CIT router/switches.
    • Server Farm – Network that resides in the Rhodes Hall or CCC Server Farm

Change a Subnet

  • Request for changes to DHCP, DNS, PXE/TFTP boot, or other DNSDB information should go to Hostmaster (
  • Request for changes to wall jacks/ports, cabling, and billing questions, should go to Request Fulfillment (
  • Request for changes to Managed Firewall (MFW) status, cutover, or policies should go to ITSO Operations (
  • Request for changes to subnet/VLAN configuration or questions should go to Network  Engineering (

Deprovision a Subnet

Request for removal of a network that is no longer needed/in use, can submit a request using the network deprovision form for a Network Decommission Request .

Routinely Network Engineering will check for inactive networks and contact netadmins for approval to remove them. We ask that if you have any networks that are no longer needed, to fill out the form above for deprovisioning of that network.

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