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This advanced course is appropriate for experienced InDesign users who would like to learn techniques to ensure InDesign documents are universally accessible before the document is converted to a PDF file. Learn how to apply accessibility techniques within InDesign to create documents which require...Read more
Join Cornell as we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 16, 2019 with our Web Accessibility Camp. Sessions will include: Understanding PolicyPDF RemediationRecommended Testing Plan Siteimprove Deep DiveRegister for the May 16, 2019 camp today. Additionally, we will have 'Ask an...Read more
Learn to create forms from existing PDFs and efficiently distribute forms and compile returned form data. This course is recommended for individuals who want to use Adobe Acrobat to create and manage PDF forms. Prior experience with Adobe Acrobat is not required. To register for this class, visit:...Read more
In this one-day class, participants will learn how to query with SQL, use and create advanced queries, macros, and other advanced features. To register for this class, visit: more
The era of "big data" has exploded due to the rise of cloud computing, which provides an abundance of computational power and storage allowing organizations of all sorts to capture and store data. Leveraging that data effectively can provide timely insights and competitive advantage. This course...Read more
This course enables participants to create complex visualizations and to combine them into interactive dashboards to share with others using Tableau Desktop. This course is intended for those who need to use Tableau Desktop to build complex visuals and dashboards to present information or to...Read more
This 4-day course is designed for individuals from any discipline who are performing elicitation activities; business analysts, project managers, business systems analysts, product managers, product owners, system architect, process engineers, requirements engineers, or any other project team...Read more
Use case modeling is a commonly used analysis technique which results in functional requirements and a framework for test case development. When the solution to a business problem or opportunity involves a software component, the solution team must determine how software will best support the...Read more