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Staying Safe Online at Cornell

Keep your Cornell identity, data, and devices secure

Get Help for IT Security Problems

Your NetID, and other login information you use at Cornell, secures a host of services that are available to you as part of the university community. Following some straightforward practices and guidelines will keep your identity, computer, devices, and data safe. 

NetID Password Compromise

Do you suspect your NetID password has been stolen?

  1. Change your password immediately. Contact the IT Service Desk if you can't change your password.
  2. Report the incident immediately to the IT Security Office.

Computer Compromise

Do you suspect your system has been hacked or downloaded a virus?

  1. Disconnect immediately from the network by turning off Wi-Fi and/or unplugging Ethernet.
  2. Contact the IT Service Desk for help. Phone: 607-255-5500

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