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Look Up Your Software License Codes

This article applies to: Software Licensing

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For Sales Made Through the CU Software Online Store

The CU Software ordering system stores the product license codes and download information on the Order Information page for each individual order. License files are directly linked to this page, and product codes can be viewed on the Download Software link.

You can look up this information at any time:

  1. Go to the CU Software Online Store at
  2. If prompted with a CU WebLogin page, log in with your Cornell NetID and password.
  3. On the Welcome, Please Sign In page, type in the email address and password that you used to register the sale in the Returning Customer section. Click Log In.
  4. On the Cornell University Software Licensing page that loads, click the My Account tab at the top.
  5. On the My Account page that loads, click the Customer Orders tab.
  6. You should now see a listing of all orders that you have placed on the system. Find the order you are looking for, and click the Details button. 
  7. You should now see all details of your order, including billing and shipping information. At the bottom of this page will be a listing of all products listed in the order. 
  8. To the right of each title will be links to download software or license files. Click the Download Software link to find any activation code, product key, decryption password, or serial number associated with your order.
  9. The Download Software page will include any codes you need as well as links to download the software itself.

For Sales Made Outside of the CU Software Online Store

If your sale was made through a different channel (for example, you purchased your license by credit card over the phone or as a packet in the Cornell Store), your sale will not be recorded in the Online Order System. You won't be able to access your product codes via our self-service site. If you ordered by phone, your codes will be emailed to you. If you bought your software as a packet in the Cornell Store, your codes will be printed in the packet. If you need another copy of your product code, please send an email request to the Cornell Store's Software Licensing Team at

For Sales Made Prior to September 2010

Sales that were placed prior to September 2010 were made through CIT's previous billing system, and will not be recorded on the Online Order System. If you need a code for a perpetually-licensed product that was purchased through the old system, please contact CU Software Licensing, including a copy of your electronic sales receipt if possible. If you no longer have the receipt, you can still request your code via the same address, but it may take a bit longer to verify the sale.


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