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Office 365 ProPlus for Students

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Thanks to Cornell's campus agreement with Microsoft, Cornell students can download and install free:

  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows, which is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac, which is supported on the three most recent versions of macOS (that is, the newest release plus the two versions previous to that).
If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Office on your computer, you should uninstall that before following these steps.

Free Office downloads are part of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus services, which are available to Cornell students as a result of Microsoft's Student Advantage benefit.

To install Microsoft Office applications on up to five devices:

  1. Go to the My Office Installs page.
  2. Under Sign in with your organizational account, where it says, enter your
    Sign in to Office 365
  3. Click anywhere outside the field. You will be directed to Cornell's Federated Login Page.
    Office 365 Redirect
  4. On the Cornell University Federated Login page, enter your address and your NetID password.
    Federated Login
  5. You will see a list of the applications in Microsoft Office. Click Install.

The software will be installed on your computer. Your copy of Office will remain active as long as you maintain your status as a student. Once you graduate or leave the university, you will have the opportunity to keep using the software by paying for a license directly from Microsoft.

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