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Access an Existing Website in Siteimprove

Directions for how to setup a new account in Siteimprove and get access to an existing website.  This is common if you are new to a group or department, or recently changed jobs.

This article applies to: Siteimprove

  1. To create your account, log in to Siteimprove.
  2. Siteimprove will display the message "No access to sites. You currently have no access to any sites. Contact your administrator to get access."

    Picture of Siteimprove 1st time log in showing the message "No access to sites"
  3. To complete your setup, contact the IT Service Desk. Request access to an existing website in Siteimprove. Provide:
    1. The name of your site, for example IT@Cornell
    2. The URL of your website's home page, for example
  4. Once your website has been added to your account, return to Siteimprove.
If you already have an account, but need access to more websites, follow these directions instead.

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Monday, February 3, 2020 - 1:57pm

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