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Map a Network Drive Using Your Doc Account for Administrative Purposes

Simplify access to a confidential data share or audit log share by mapping a network drive using your doc account.

This article applies to: Shared File Services

Shares which are configured for Level-1/Confidential data (and their associated auditlog shares) are only initially accessible to the doc accounts contained within the CornellAD-group used for administration of the share. These areas are not accessible from your personal NetID account.
Use a Windows computer to configure auditing and create file system ACL’s.  SFS cannot provide support for other Operating Systems.


  • Requested Share:\\\CIT\Employee-Data
  • Audit Log Share:\\\CIT\Employee-Data-auditlog

Map a Network Drive to the two shares (using your doc account’s credentials) to simplify access.

  1. Log in with your personal NetID account on a computer which is on the dedicated network used when the Level-1/Confidential share was ordered.
  2. For both your Requested Share and the Audit Log Share you can Map a Network Drive using your doc account.
  3. Start Windows Explorer.
    1. Right-click or Cmd-click on Computer Name.
    2. Select Map Network Drive.
    3. Paste the appropriate DFS path in under Folder.
    4. Select the checkbox for Connect Using Different Credentials.
    5. Select Finish.
    6. Enter your doc account username and password.
    7. Select OK.

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