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Dispose of Old Computers and Devices

This service is offered at no-fee to comply with best practices in a secure, affordable, and convenient way.

No-Fee Cornell Service for Media Destruction: R5

R5 Operations (Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) will securely collect and arrange for the destruction of magnetic media, specifically hard drives, in addition to the systems/electronics they presently recycle.

  • The items are sent to Sunnking, Inc. in Brockport, NY for dismantling and recycling.

  • All hard drives from Cornell are 100% destroyed.

  • There are no limits on the number of items that can be picked up.

R5 Will Pick Up

Monitors, CPUs and hard drives, keyboards, circuit boards, cables, mice, printers, copiers, microwave ovens, televisions, cell phones, power cords, extension cords, power strips, answering machines, fax machines, typewriters, pagers, cameras, VCR/DVD/8-track players, CDs, remote controls, radios, and stereos.

R5 won't pick up tapes (reel to reel, VHS, etc.).
The following vendors provide secure shredding for tapes. (These vendors do charge a fee.)

  • Shred-it: contact Carolyn Davis, 716-930-2964
  • Rogers Service Group: 607-797-7333

Contact Info

For more information or to arrange for pick-up, contact R5 Operations by email at:, or by phone: (607) 254-1666.

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