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Qualtrics Downloaded Data Error "Could not Find" in Excel

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

After downloading data exported from the Data & Analysis section of Qualtrics and attempting to open it in Excel, it's possible to get an error from Excel similar to, "Sorry, we couldn't find C:\Users\[NetID]\AppData\Local\Temp\... is it possible it was moved, renamed, or deleted?" This issue can be caused if Qualtrics downloaded the file in a compressed Zip format, and the file was not extracted in a way that Excel can use. 

If you are having trouble accessing or decompressing the Zip file, you can instead try downloading the data in a non-compressed format. See Qualtrics' Data Export Options and make sure the box for Compress data as .zip file is not checked when you export the data. 


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