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If you think of something you need to share with a colleague, but it's outside business hours, use Send Later in Microsoft Teams and get it off your mind without interrupting their time off. In a Teams chat, right-click the Send button and you'll see the new "Send at scheduled time" option. (The feature is only available in chat, not Teams Channel conversation.)

You can also add to your Teams experience with the YouTube, Weather, and Polls apps.

You may know that you can paste a YouTube video link in a Teams discussion and it will show the video's image and summary and play it inline once posted. There's also a YouTube app for Teams that lets you search for videos right in Teams without having to go to YouTube. You can paste a link, then share the results to the channel. You can also pin a particular video to the YouTube tab, or use the app to screen a video live in a meeting instead of screen-sharing the YouTube website through a browser window you've shared. The app makes it a little quicker and more convenient when your team regularly needs to share videos that are stored in YouTube.

If your group's work is affected by the weather, you might want to install the Weather app. Once the app's installed, your team will have the ability to find current weather reports for any city, zip code, or location, then share them in a channel or chat.

The Polls app lets you easily create choice polls, quizzes, and word cloud polls before or during a meeting and collect responses in real-time. For more information about your options, see Get help with the Polls app for Microsoft Teams.

To get started, see Add an app to Microsoft Teams and search for YouTube, Weather, or Polls.


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