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IT@Cornell Website Project Progresses Toward Planned September Launch

The IT@Cornell website update is well into its content publishing phase, after which it will move on to web accessibility and quality check. The site is planned for a launch in September after start-of-semester activity has settled.

Migration complexities, including ones resulting from moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 framework, took more time to analyze and address than initially anticipated, but the overall project is still expected to go live in the desired launch window. The publishing of the thousands of articles migrated from the old website is nearing its midway point. This activity is also populating the knowledge base used by CIT to solve support needs. At the same time, older news articles that are no longer relevant have been removed, which will make it easier to surface pertinent information.

A final update will be provided as the effort nears launch in the fall.

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