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Three university-wide task forces, formed in 2023, recently released their findings and recommendations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools at Cornell. You can find the following reports for review:

Cornell Generative AI in Administration Task Force Report: this report evaluated AI tools for administrative use, and to enhance customer service experiences across campus. Some exciting opportunities identified by the task force members are:

  • The potential for AI tools to automatically create drafts of minutes, notes, summaries, and action items
  • Using responsive image-generating tools to create supporting pictures and graphics for reports and presentations
  • Assisting with web-accessibility tasks 

CU Committee Report: Generative Artificial Intelligence for Education and Pedagogy (June 2023): this focuses on AI in the classroom, taking into consideration academic integrity, accessibility, and privacy concerns, as well as opportunities AI affords to faculty and administration in the learning environment.

Cornell University Task Force Report - Generative AI in Academic Research: Perspectives and Cultural Norms (December 2023): this task force examined AI in research, with the goal to establish an initial set of norms for Cornell researchers, research team leaders, and research administration staff.

Contact information for the task forces is available on the reports. For more information about AI at Cornell, visit Artificial Intelligence on IT@Cornell.


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