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Confidential Data Security Tier on Media3

Learn about the Confidential Data Security Tier on Media3

This article applies to: Media3 Managed Web Hosting

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Standard Tier 

This level is a host based security and compliance solution with an integrated virtual firewall and an intrusion detection system (IDS). It should not be used to store confidential data as defined by Cornell Policy 5.10.

Confidential Data Tier 

This tier is a physical Unified Threat Management firewall cluster dedicated for Cornell use (Sonicwall). It provides for intrusion detection/intrusion prevention, anti-malware, content/URL filtering, application intelligence and control services, and native VPN capabilities. This tier allows for PCI/HIPAA level compliance and covers Cornell internal security requirements for confidential data.

If you need to host confidential data on your site, please request it when your site is onboarded to Media3.  If you need to add it after the fact, please open a ticket with Media3.


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