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Connecting your LinkedIn Profile

This article applies to: LinkedIn Learning

This information is for people who have a personal LinkedIn account. You don't need to have a personal LinkedIn account to use Cornell's LinkedIn Learning service.

If you have a personal LinkedIn account, you can choose whether you want to connect your personal LinkedIn account (if you have one) and your Cornell LinkedIn Learning account. Benefits of doing this include:

  • In LinkedIn Learning, you'll see a more personalized learning experience that includes specific course recommendations based on your job title, skills, and industry.
  • In LinkedIn, you'll see suggestions for relevant LinkedIn Learning courses, workshops, and other learning opportunities you might be interested in.

If you choose to connect your personal LinkedIn account and your Cornell LinkedIn Learning account, please know that:

  • Cornell's LinkedIn Learning administrators will be able to see your LinkedIn profile information (such as your name, work title, and profile photo) and any courses from your personal LinkedIn account that you've transferred to your group account. 
  • Cornell won't be able to see your LinkedIn connections, private messages, any job search activity (such as job posts you've viewed), or any learning courses you've viewed in your personal account.
  • You'll still have control over what LinkedIn Learning activity is shared with your network on LinkedIn. For example, you can decide whether to add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile, or share courses with your LinkedIn network.

The choice is yours! You can keep your Cornell LinkedIn Learning account completely separate from your personal LinkedIn account. And you can connect the accounts later on, if you want. 


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