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IT Emerging Leaders Program (ITELP)

The IT Emerging Leaders Program is designed to build skills to "lead from where you are" for individual contributors, technical leads, and front line managers.

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Not being offered in 2024; more to come

The IT Emerging Leaders Program (ITELP) is a Cornell program delivered through MOR Associates that focuses on foundational skills, such as leading without authority, building "presence," and communicating effectively, for individual contributors, technical leads, and front line managers who may or may not have direct reports. Participants also learn critical "toolbox" skills, such as meeting facilitation, process improvement, and coaching, and an overview of leadership themes from the IT Leaders Program is included.

ITELP Overview

The IT Emerging Leaders Program (ITELP) is for anyone in the IT community who wants to learn to lead from where they are, no matter what title they currently hold. Participation entails a one-year commitment. All workshops are held on the Cornell campus.

Time commitment: 9-month program (October-June) with five sessions. Each session is 2 full days. There is also a brief orientation session in August. Work is assigned to complete between sessions.

Costs: $6,000 tuition paid by your Cornell department, unit, or college. The Office of the CIO pays the costs of hosting the program on campus (food, rooms, etc.).


  • Promote development of an IT community
  • Broaden perspectives and practices of participants
  • Improve foundational skills such as building effective workgroups
  • Develop a strategic perspective
  • Work on self
  • Create a network of learners
  • Develop ability to lead with influence
  • Increase organizational awareness related to change, strategy, culture, politics


  • Strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Navigating change
  • Thinking strategically
  • Building self-awareness
  • Honing communication skills
  • Leading without authority in order to create results
  • Delivering constructive feedback
  • Understanding culture and politics
  • Building strong teams
  • Enhancing personal effectiveness and taking control of future development

MOR Associates information about the MOR Leaders Program (not specific to Cornell)

Perspectives from previous participants:

ITELP Nominations

Consider applying if you are performing above expectations, are self-motivated, are eager to improve your leadership skills, and are enthusiastically committed to growing personally and professionally. Please discuss the ITELP opportunity with your supervisor or director and work with them on the nomination. If you'd like to nominate someone else, think about who you see as the technology leaders of today and tomorrow. Keep in mind that nominations need to be supported by the person's supervisor or director. How to apply

ITELP Alumni

Considering the IT Emerging Leaders Program (ITELP)? You might find it helpful to talk with your IT@Cornell colleagues who have participated in the past.


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