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Services and Service Offerings

This article applies to: IT Service Management Program

In Cornell's IT Service Management Program, we'll be using two similarly named classification categories to help organize the types of work we do for our customers: services and service offerings.

A service is a broadly-defined area of work effort that we do for a customer rather than their doing it themselves. It might be preferable that we do it due to efficiency, desire for centralization, quality, reduced risk, or that the customer doesn't want to expend effort developing the expertise independently.

A service offering is more specific component of delivery of the service. For example, the Audio and Video service includes the service offerings web conferencing, event technical support, and digital signage.

CIT service owners and managers are currently updating the organization's service portfolio, and the entries for service and service portfolio will shape TeamDynamix's configuration, and ultimately how well it conforms to the needs of CIT and our customers.

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