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11:00 am

This course is meant to provide an overview of this particular topic in a lecture/demo format (students can follow along with the trainer on their own PC while the trainer conducts their session, but unlike our traditional one-day classes, time is not reserved within the course for hands-on activities). Sessions are delivered virtually through Zoom, and meant to be "rapid-fire" (meaning class instruction begins right away, without introductions and technical set-up/orientation) ā€“ giving students the information they need in a compact time-frame, right away. All of the topics covered in the "Office Productivity Crash Course" series are reviewed in full detail, in traditional lecture/demo/hands-on activity format, in our traditional one-day classes. In general, we recommend students complete their learning experience, and review of this specific topic within this "Crash Course" session, by registering for the applicable full day class afterwards.

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Full event details CIT Training: Performing Calculations with Excel (Excel Crash Course Series)

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