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On-boarding and Off-boarding Faculty, Staff, and Other Workers
The Entry-Exit project is on hold. Production use of Entry-Exit has been paused until further notice.

Entry-Exit is a web application for organizing and executing the tasks that must be performed when workers come and go from a unit. This application allows units to manage those tasks and track their execution when comings and goings occur.  

The application contains the following components:

  • Tasklist Templates - Set up reusable lists of tasks performed for various HR events, such as a new hire, someone is transferring in, someone resigns their position, or someone retires.
  • Task Tracking - Assign tasks and track their completion when workers actually on-board and off-board.
  • Monitor Progress - Oversee the progress of task completion during the on-boarding and off-boarding process
  • Audit Reporting - Produce a record of what was and wasn’t done by whom for specific on-boarding and off-boarding events.

Service Details

Entry-Exit is a web application to aid in the process of on- and off-boarding faculty, staff, and other workers. This service is currently in production for pilot units (CHE, CIT, DFA, OHR) only.


Regulated Data:

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