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Examples of Solutions Provided by Enterprise Data Services

Examples of solutions provided by the Enterprise Data Services team

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Below are examples of completed and in-process Enterprise Data Services developments that illustrate the type and breadth of services our team can provide.

CU Person Table
The CU Person table is a collection of people data sourced from Workday, PeopleSoft, and the university directory. Among the many fields it includes are a person’s EmplID, NetID, type (staff, faculty, academic, student, etc.), and other information. The CU Person table information is easily accessed by university systems and eliminates the need for individual departments to create this information themselves.

Custom Dashboard for the Johnson Graduate School of Management
The Johnson School identified a need to include four bursar fields from the PeopleSoft Student module on a custom financial report. We worked with the Johnson team to define requirements; secured approval from the PeopleSoft Student data steward for access to these bursar fields; and secured approval from the data steward in the Division of Financial Affairs to include this data in the Kuali Data Warehouse.

The solution was modeled and developed using existing infrastructure, and as part of the service we provided this information in an integrated financial report for the Johnson School. This work was done on a chargeback basis.

Facilities and Campus Services Data Mart and Reporting
We are supporting Facilities and Campus Services in their development of data marts for the Maximo and EBS systems. FCS staff are defining and writing their own ETL (extract, transform, and load) code to take information from the applications and populate the new marts. We meet regularly with the FCS team to answer questions and provide support that includes advice and counsel; access to various tools during the process; and guidance on developing dashboards and reports for the initial rollout.

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