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Getting Started With Cloudification: Cornell's Public Cloud Offering

This article applies to: Cloudification

Before using this Service:

Coverage under the Cornell Master agreement is not automatic. You must request an account in order to be added to the master agreement to receive university negotiated terms and consolidated billing. Upon request of account, the Cloudification Team will schedule a meeting including the unit’s College Business Officer (CBO), the Unit’s IT Director, and the Unit’s IT Security Liaison. This discussion is to explain the unit’s responsibilities financially and to discuss the Amazon shared responsibility model or comparable Azure security model. The security stance in Amazon or Azure is far more robust than what we can offer in our on premise data center however there are responsibilities for those administering applications within the cloud service that need to be understood.

Once your account has been created, the Cloudification team will move the account under the Cornell Master account. You will then be billed by CIT for all usage that occurs under your sub-account. Monitoring your usage and configuring usage alerts for your account at AWS or setting up billing alerts at Azure is recommended. Contact the Cloudification Team if you have questions about how to do this.


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