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Groups and Users in Confluence

About Groups and Users in Confluence

This article applies to: Confluence

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Each space is created with two default groups:

  1. confluence-[spacekey]-users - for users who have read/write access to content in the space
  2. confluence-[spacekey]-admins - for administrators of the space

Requesting a New Group

If you would like a new group in addition to these two, please request it via the Support Request Form. Please make sure that you list the full name for this group and its purpose.

Adding and Removing Users

Users can be added to (or removed from) each of the groups that have been assigned to your space.

To add users: go to Space Tools > Manage Users/Groups; enter their netIDs (if they have a Cornell NetID) or email addresses (if they do not have a Cornell NetID) into the Add box, separated by commas, then click Submit.

Confluence EditGroup

To remove users: go to Space Tools > Manage Users/Groups, and then click on the name of the group that you are working with. A list of the users that are currently assigned to the group will appear at the bottom of the page. You can delete users here by clicking on the trash can icon by their name.

Confluence Names

Active Directory Groups

Existing Active Directory groups can be periodically synchronized to Confluence on request. Please submit synchronization requests via the Support Request Form.  Be sure to list the exact Active Directory group name. Synchronization happens daily. The name of the Confluence group created from your Active Directory group will be
Example: an Active Directory group named cit.agroup.subgroup will result in a Confluence group named permit-cit.agroup.subgroup.

Note that once the group is created, as space administrator you will have to add it to your space as documented in Set Permissions for a Space.

Group Permissions

The first set of permissions applies to the groups that are assigned to the space. Generally, these groups are Confluence-spacekey-admins and Confluence-spacekey-users, where spacekey is the key that was given to your space when the space was created. For additional information about groups, see the Glossary page.

If you want to provide access to your space to all registered Cornell Confluence users, you may add the group: cornell-confluence-users to your groups list on the Permissions page.


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