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This service enables instructor to use audio and video file in their teaching. Audio and video files are uploaded to a storage system via a Blackboard course, and the material is automatically compressed and linked....Read more

Starting Sunday, April 10, 2016 you can now opt in to using two-factor authentication to enhance security for your NetID and password not just where it is required but with all campus services that require the standard Cornell web login.Read more

Things to Think About Before Submitting a Trouble Ticket Check to make sure the display is on and correct input is selected. Check to see if any cables (within easy view/access) are disconnected. Verify with the local content creator to make sure no planned content change has occurred. Note...Read more
Using CUView's Online Help

Click the Help button in the top right corner of AxisTV to look up more information about how to use AxisTV. Note, if the AxisTV Help pages don't open correctly, try opening them in a different browser. ( ...Read more

CUView (using Appspace) supports the following content file types:

Content category Compatible formats Images JPG
GIF (including animated GIFs) Video MP4 Slideshows Google slides (compatible using Appspace content card)
PowerPoint files are NOT directly compatible...Read more