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From Merriam-Webster online:

unsolicited, usually commercial email sent to a large number of addresses


etymology: from a skit...Read more

Click Start , and then in the Search box enter remote desktop connection . In the Computer box, enter the name of the server to which you want to connect, and then click Connect .
Note : Use the fully qualified server name, for example
...Read more
The PureMessage service is being phased out.

If your email address ends with , your mail is not affected by PureMessage, but is instead handled by Microsoft or Google. Some departments with departmental addresses ( @ something .cornell....Read more

This service enables instructor to use audio and video file in their teaching. Audio and video files are uploaded to a storage system via a Blackboard course, and the material is automatically compressed and linked....Read more

Starting Sunday, April 10, 2016 you can now opt in to using two-factor authentication to enhance security for your NetID and password not just where it is required but with all campus services that require the standard Cornell web login.Read more

Things to Think About Before Submitting a Trouble Ticket Check to make sure the display is on and correct input is selected. Check to see if any cables (within easy view/access) are disconnected. Verify with the local content creator to make sure no planned content change has occurred. Note...Read more

Each digital sign has a layout assigned to it. The layout determines the number and location of:

Content blocks (to display playlists) Ticker blocks (to display crawl lists)

See the layout example below. Each channel player is assigned up to 6 Playlists and/or 4 Crawllists,...Read more