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Most email clients let you apply formatting to your messages, features like font choices, size, bold, colors, indents, etc.

Some applications (for example, Lyris ListManager) expect commands sent via email to arrive in plain text. Formatted text is the most common cause of problems...Read more

Your first line of defense for general questions about e-lists is this web site.

The second source of wisdom is the IT Service Desk .

If you have questions about a particular list, contact the e-list administrators by sending an email...Read more

Please note that the new list owner:

Must be a current Cornell faculty or staff member, a current Cornell student, or a Cornell alumnus, and Must have an legitimate Cornell NetID.

If these criteria cannot be met, the e-list cannot be hosted at CIT.

Only the primary list owner...Read more

Only list admins and list owners need Lyris passwords. List members do not have (and do not need) passwords.

In the steps described below, you'll be typing your new password into a web page. We're using a secure server, so everything should work as advertised, but the web can be a...Read more

One of your responsibilities as a list administrator is to keep your membership roster accurate and up-to-date. Lyris will help you by keeping track of the addresses that have problems (like not accepting mail delivery). There are two parts to this.

Configure :...Read more