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Replying to a list message is just like replying to any email message, except that you must be very careful to check where your reply will go .

When list owners establish their lists, they decide where replies go. If the list has been set up for discussion, replies to...Read more

To join an e-list (also called subscribing), send an email message to


where listname is the name of the list you want to join, including the hyphen and the letter L at the...Read more

Most email clients let you apply formatting to your messages, features like font choices, size, bold, colors, indents, etc.

Some applications (for example, Lyris ListManager) expect commands sent via email to arrive in plain text. Formatted text is the most common cause of problems...Read more

Your first line of defense for general questions about e-lists is this web site.

The second source of wisdom is the IT Service Desk .

If you have questions about a particular list, contact the e-list administrators by sending an email...Read more