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Site Access

This article applies to: Drupal Cloud Hosting with Acquia

In order to do maintenance or patching on an Acquia site, you must be a technical contact for the site. In addition, you'll need to do the following:

What kind of access is needed to make changes to the parent of the multi-site install? Is different access needed to make changes to child sites of that parent?

On the administrative side, a multi-site install at Acquia is the same as a singe-site install. Any user who is a Technical Contact on the Acquia site containing a multi-site install has the ability to anything from the back-end on any of the sub-sites .

Access to the administrative paths on the subsites can be granted to others, but it cannot be taken away from Technical Contact on the multi-site at Acquia because those people will always be technically able to use Drush to generate one-time logins for other users on any of the multi-site instances.


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