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How to make accessible forms in Adobe Acrobat

This article applies to: Web Accessibility

If your document is not a form, you can skip this section.

Web Accessible Forms

Print forms are inaccessible to those who have low vision and constrained hand mobility. In order for these forms to be accessible they must be interactive and can be completed using a computer.

Forms are difficult to make web accessible.  For best results convert your Acrobat form to an online web based form.


Under Prepare Forms

  • Use the Identify Form Fields tool
  • Manually add/edit form fields that were not properly detected (in Prepare Form mode)
  • Manually remove extraneous form fields
  • Verify, add/edit labels (tooltips)
  • Verify and edit group labels and options for radio buttons
  • Verify and edit labels for checkboxes

Under Accessibility, In the Reading Order Panel

  • Identify, verify and fix the tags

Under Accessibility, In the Tags panel

  • Verify and fix tab order tutorial on Working with Forms in Acrobat

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