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IT Training Mobile Lab

The IT Training Mobile Lab is available for any CU department to utilize for training or outreach.

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The Mobile Lab is comprised of 20 Dell Laptops running on Windows 7 for training or outreach. It is stored within two trunks for transportation and storage. Support includes approving usage, updating equipment/software, loading files, arranging for transportation, and providing assistance with set up and breakdown of the Mobile Lab, if needed.  The mobile lab is available for training events and the normal allocation is 8 to 10 laptops per customer per week. We usually do not lend them out for periods greater than one week.

Transportation cost is normally $45.00 round trip on Campus, however Red Runner has stated that if it takes longer than 30 min. to deliver the charge could be increased slightly (if used within 120 Maple Ave, there will be no charge).

Internet access is standard along with several other programs, however, additional costs may be incurred for special set up and resets. The laptops are running a program called DeepFreeze to freeze the original image. You can load other programs or change settings as long as they do not require a restart to activate. Once the laptop is restarted, the image reverts to the original image.

By allowing the use of our training equipment by other departments on campus, we are able to help promote training and outreach where individual departmental funding of such equipment would be cost prohibitive.

Contact for more information, or to request the Mobile Lab.

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