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Install and Use the TeamDynamix to Microsoft Teams Integration App

This article applies to: TeamDynamix

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Install the App

  1. In Teams, select the Apps icon from the left sidebar.
  2. In the Search All Apps field, enter TDX.
  3. On the TeamDynamix app description screen, select Add.
  4. Right click the app and select Pin
  5. Once the app is pinned, select the TDX icon to use the messaging extension. 

The app will require you to sign in the first time you use it. It will redirect you to your organization's login screen. 

For more information, see Microsoft's instructions to Add an app to Microsoft Teams.

You can also see the Teamdynamix instructions on Using TeamDynamix with Microsoft Teams. You will need to sign in with your NetID to view TeamDynamix documentation. If you have not previously visited the vendor's portal, you will need to create an account using your NetID.

Use TeamDynamix with Microsoft Teams

The app lets you search for TeamDynamix content and link to it in your Teams Chat and channel messaging. You can search content in TeamDynamix applications to which you have access. Click a search result listing to add a link to the TeamDynamix content in the Teams message.

The Teams integration does not involve ticketing activities such as creating, assigning, or notifying others.
  1. Select the pinned TDX app when you are composing a message to start a search.
  2. TDX will show the work items you have access to, such as Tickets, Articles, Assets, Services, etc. Select a work item to add it to your message.
  3. Add additional comments or @mention someone in your comment to notify them via Teams.
  4. Select Send.
  5. Optional: Select View to view the details of the work item.
  6. Optional: Select Comment, to add comments to the item's feed.
The View and Comment buttons will not work until you send your message. 


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